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If you are looking for excellent resources about Judaism, then Yadut online is an excellent place for you. Here you will find tons of different sources that will help you in your search for Yadut online (Judaism Online) in a broad range of different areas. Except guiding you to the best online sources for you, we will also offer our own Torah thoughts and insights here. But we know our limits and therefor prefer to refer you to excellent Jewish web sites in English.

Best sites for Yadut online

You can probably find hundreds of different Yadut online sites where you can find a lot of information about Judaism. Unfortunately, many of them aren´t legitime sites that actually speaks about true Judaism. Many of them are connected with Missionary organizations such as JFJ and other Messianic cults. You can also find many sites with information from reform or conservative Jewish groups. But you can be sure that the sites and portals that we suggest and genuine Jewish online sites. Here are some of the best sites for Yadut online:

Yadut applications for smartphones

Even on the go you can always access excellent Torah thanks to the many Yadut applications available for smartphones. And it doesn´t matter if you have an iOS or Android device. Chabad.org has a broad and high quality range of Jewish apps and you can find them here.

Yadut online software

Nowadays you can find plenty of very good Yadut online software to use. A lot of the Jewish software are free, but some you need a paid subscription to be able to use them. Here you can read a good article about Torah software and get a broad understanding about what kind of Jewish software that are available on the online market.

Yadut on YouTube

Of course, you can find a lot of Jewish video clips on YouTube and many of them are excellent. But just like with Torah online, you have to make sure that the Torah you find on YouTube is true Torah and not Messianic or Reform. On Yadut we really like Divrei Maon. He is a great spiritual person that deleiver powerful Torah thoughts and insights on many different subjects.