The City of Hevron

The City of Hevron is the root of the Jewish Heritage

The city of Hevron is really the root of the Jewish Heritage. Hevron is mentioned in 10 of the 24 books in the Bible and in total 87 times. But our connection to Hebron is not in the number of times it is written in the Bible; it is what it actually is and means for the Jewish Nation. As we all know Avraham bought The Cave of the Patriarchs from Ephron for 400 Silver Shekels for a burry place for his wife Sarah. And as we all know, all our forefathers and foremothers except Rachel are buried in the City of Hevron. The purchase of Hebron is the root of our Jewish Heritage. And from the time of the Bible until today with some exceptions Hevron has always had a strong Jewish presence. We have had everything from Chassidic and Lithuanian enclaves in Hebron and even major respected yeshivot. Today, about 1000 Jews are living in the heart of Hevron and the Torah in Hevron is flourishing as never before.

Torah in the City of Hevron

The Jewish Heritage is Hevron is clearly stated in the Torah and no one can argue against our strong and undoubtedly connected to Hevron. For hundreds of years the Torah has been studied in the Holy City and many prominent Yeshivot had made the Torah live in Hebron. Thank God, even in our days the Torah of Hevron is very strong and the most famous of all yeshivot and other Torah institutions are Yeshivat Shavei Hevron. The Yeshiva was founded in 1981 by Rabbi Moshe Bleicher. At that point, the yeshiva had 10 students. Today Yeshivat Shavei Hevron has more than 300 students learning in their beautiful Beit Medrash in Beit Romano located in the heart of Hevron.  Except for the 300 students learning there and another 80 married men in the Kollel, Shavei Hevron has more than 3000 graduates across the globe. Many of them working as Rabbis and Educators in different Jewish education frameworks.

Parashat Chayei Sarah in the City of Hevron

The Torah is still so a live-in Hevron. The biggest proof for that is the yearly gathering in Hebron for Parashat Chayei Sarah. Tens of thousands of people from all around the world arrive in the Holy City to read and celebrate the purchase of Hebron by Avraham from Ephron. This is something that can´t be described in words. And except Parashat Chayei Sarah, every year during Chol HaMoed Succot and Pesach huge events are taking place in Hevron and hundreds of thousands of visitors’ flocks to Hevron. From across the country, busses are taking Jews to visit our dear forefathers and foremothers. And then we can really see and feel how united the Jewish Nation is because it as all kind of Jews visiting. Froom Chassidim and Litvackim to modern orthodox and very religious Zionist Jews. All gathered together.