Torah applications

Torah applications for smart devices

Torah applications are great, and they give you the possibility to learn and study Torah at any given time. No matter where you are you can access your favorite Torah apps on your smartphone or tablet. This is amazing and the range of Jewish apps are great, and it is growing all the time. I found this article on the subject Torah Applications very interesting like most of the stuff available on I really suggest for all of you to visit the article if you are interested in Jewish applications that really can help you. I also as often suggest for you to visit to see what Torah applications they offer.

Best Torah applications

Everything depend what the apps are for. If you want to have an applications with a great range of Jewish books both in English and Hebrew I do suggest for you to download the app Sefaria for either Android or iOS. If you like to watch Torah classes I suggest for you the following applications:

  • Torah Any Time
  • The Yeshiva

You can also find many great Torah applications for Daily Torah Studies, Jewish Calendar, Jewish Music and much more. One of my favorite Chabad Applications is the Daily Torah app. You can download it on either iOS or Android. If you like Halacha I would suggest for you to download the Peninei Halakha app. If you like a strict daily learning schedule that involves all parts of Torah Chok L´Yisrael is the best Jewish applications for you.

Video Torah Applications

The best Video Torah applications available for iOS and Android are and YouTube. has amazing Torah to offer in many different subjects. YouTube also offer a lot of Torah. I personally like Rabbis such as Manis Friedman, YY Jackobson and David Aaron. But the best way to find the Torah you like is to use the search function that YouTube offer. When you fine something, you like you can always subscribe to the channel. This is very useful according to my opinion.